Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Cobblestone Kids of Copenhagen

I'm officially in love with Copenhagen (which, when not capitalized, spellcheck likes to change to "open haven"). My son is doing a semester abroad there, and I recently spent a truly wonderful week visiting him and bumbling through Denmark together.

There's much to love about this charming city, from the cobblestone streets to the quirky houseboats, to the bike-centric culture. Maybe it's my profession or my mom instincts talking, but I was most charmed by the children of Denmark. The temperature hovered around freezing the whole week, and I noticed little snow suited people everywhere.
Prams are also omnipresent. The Danish firmly believe in the power of fresh air, especially for sleeping babies. They zip them right into their deluxe "child wagons" and stroll around town, with the little snow suit people hanging on so they all stick together. I once saw a child wagon with four little, pointy-hatted babies inside and almost melted on the spot. I had to sketch them right away.

I hope to return to this lovely haven one day, preferably in non-snow suit weather.


  1. Susan Spengler-AbellMarch 16, 2016 at 9:35 AM

    Having lived in Copenhagen for a while, I can attest that the Danes have no fear of the cold. I learned not to hunch over and huddle in my coat collar during cold weather. Instead I did as the Danes and stood up straight and faced the cold with a smile!

    1. Yes! It's such a healthy attitude. We decided we were honorary Danes when we rented bikes and rode in the pouring rain one day. Thanks for visiting my blog, Susan!

  2. What a lovely blog review of your trip, love your illustrations and sketches too!