Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nature and Nurture

I recently returned from a two week trip with the family to Glacier National Park.  What an incredibly beautiful place, everywhere you look.  It's amazing what unplugging and going out into nature can do for the body and soul.  Nick Kristoff did a good job describing it here. (Although he's way more hardcore than us car campers.)

When I wasn't too tired from hiking, I tried to keep up with my sketch-a-day regime.  Here's one I did of our campsite.
It seems like I just finished unpacking when it was time to pack again ... this time for the SCBWI conference in LA!  I leave in a few hours, and my nerves are starting to give over to excitement.  It's my first national conference, and I'll be sure to post about the experience when I get back.  Though I probably won't see much nature there, it's sure to be nurturing in a very different way!

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