Monday, March 23, 2009

Words and Pictures

Here's a portion of another collage I did in Laura's class (only a portion because of my dinky scanner). The assignment was to put the character we created earlier in a setting and have that character show a different emotion. It's amazing how this simple assignment got the wheels spinning, churning up story ideas. After several false starts, I've got a plot outline I'm really excited about now. The hard part is coming up with the words to turn that outline into a rip-roaring good story. I usually do alright building the tension toward the climax of the conflict, but it's SO tricky to create a convincing and satisfying resolution. Still, I'm loving the challenge -- so far.


  1. Great all the textures. I wanna take Laura's class!!! You can stitch 2 halves of a big illustration together in photoshop. Call me for a quick tutorial next time... :o)


  2. Thanks Terri. Yes, do take Laura's class, you'll love it. I might just take you up on that photoshop tutorial -- and you may live to regret it! What I don't know can fill oceans.